Prayer Schedules

  • Iqama Schedule – time at which prayer starts in the mosque ICBCS Iqama Schedule 2016
  • iCal and Android files will be posted soon InshAllah
  • Adhaan Schedule – earliest time when one can pray-Adhaan TimesWe use a customized method to determine adhaan times based on recommendations from local scholars. Using default schedules from other websites, such as may result is significantly different times
  • Ramadan Schedule 2017

All of the five obligatory prayers take place at the Masjid according to the iqama schedule provided above.  The iqama schedule of prayers during Ramadan is usually different and is distributed each year prior to the start of the month.

Friday Prayers
Friday khutbah starts at 1:35 pm through out the year. The khutbah and the prayer usually take 30 minutes. Also, during the Fall and Spring Semesters, there is a second khutbah at 12:10 pm.

Eid Prayers
Special announcements regarding the start and end of Ramadan and Eid are made on this website. These announcements also mention venues and times for the Eid prayers. Most up to date announcement is usually posted on the website’s front page.